A factual account of the creation of this online gaming community

How did BCS start?

BCS was created by its founder, Santino way back in 2006. It started with Santi going to a LAN event in Tunbridge Wells with several friends who used to play Starcraft Broodwar and the team then spawned from there. I remember playing a wacky racing game at the LAN which was free to play and from that point I was hooked... All I could think about after the event was that game and I knew I had to get it downloaded to my PC and find a server to play on.


Starting BCS was easy, buying a dedibox and trying to configure it all myself was going to be a nightmare, as I am not a programmer and I do not try or pretend to be one. Luckily for me I made friends with a member from DFA (Death From Above), Most of the members were nice people, some were not, but hey, thats gaming, you will never get a team where everyone gets on with each other all the time. I then recruited a few members which also included Dizzy, Rayes, Quaker, Third-Eye and a few others who have now been forgotten in the realms of history.

I also befriended DaveDread who taught me how to do Trackmania cams, intros, outros, MT, music etc.... It was a real eye opener. I then found PF tracks and adored them. I had a dabble at making a few which were only 45 seconds long.... I wanted something insane and started on my biggest trackmania project to date which was - PF Spin Doctor. It is still on TM-X picking up awards... at 122 so far. Credits to the track also go to Fluffski and Firestarter.


This was a difficult year for BCS as we had to make a decision to stay on nations or move to United which was the new game in the series. Trackmania was still our main game so I decided to move us over, in the migration we lost 80% of our members as they were not willing to buy the new game as it would cost them money, it made us stronger as a team.

DFA-Sloth helped configure the servers for TMU (Trackmania United) and after a few days we were ready to rock and roll. The new team slogan was also created - Best Car Shaguar - making BCS stand out from the crowd and we also had a brand new website which I had developed, helping more members join the group. We also had a group of gamers join our team from vG (Vanished Gaming), a nice group of friends who joined us for two years or so.


Big Decisions for BCS. We had £700 in the coffers from donations from members through the year and we wanted better servers. So we had a management meeting and decided to use one of the best gaming servers available - 4U Servers. I paid them upfront as I didn't want a monthly direct debit coming out of my bank every month, and 1 week after we paid them - We were told that the company had gone into liquidation. We had lost all our money and we were never ever going to see it again. The vG team up and left completely after an issue with one of our members! LOL. oh what joy!

I paid for the servers again out of my own pocket that year and kept the team alive. The only good thing to happen to BCS that year was when [Z] Cars clan asked to merge into the BCS community and it was the best thing to date that has happened. We got 4 superb members. Kickker, Stickyz, T.C and D3monstrate.


BCS had three LAN events in one year and it was a great year for the team. The servers were upgraded, more members joined and the commmunity was linked to many different teams and forums due to its work on PF tracks made by Santino. We also got an excellent american trackmaker called HappyBrad who took PF tracks to a new level and surpassed my own skills for map making on Push Forward maps. BlamM (Trackmaker) also joined from France.


Rayes returned to BCS one fine day in March, it was a joy to see him, really nice gamer and great friend and he put the time in to get the team back to where we needed it to be. He sorted out the poor forums with proper group permissions and put time in for helping to generate new members. Danny also created a superb video for the team, he had some great ideas that the team didn't get behind, which was a real shame as they would have been fantastic. He was disgruntled and left BCS after several months of hard work, real shame!


Santino had left his job with BT as a New Media Specialist and was setting up his own marketing company so that he could work from home. He took a break to get his business off the ground and left the team in the hands of his trusted friends, Createse, Chizzler, Nash and Fiendy.


Santino returned after several months expecting to see the servers gone and the website empty, but instead found hardcore gamers of BCS still racing with their tags and enjoying every minute. So THANK YOU for staying loyal to the community. A lot of the team have split up and gone their separate ways I can see, this happens in clans and communities all the time, so we wish them well in their endeavours of life and we hope to see them on the track on our racing servers sometime.

The Remembered - BCS Past Members


A lot has happened in the last couple of years for BCS. In early 2015, Santino left BCS to focus on his business and spend time with family. The BCS site was revamped with a new, fresh design and server.

With the arrival of a couple more members, we played our first match against Asylum which was a victory, and then went on to win 3 more, against S7, Speed Gaming and XT.

In 2016 we weren't as successful on the match side of things, having lost 2 out of 3, however on the plus side, we launched a new server for the full speed gang to put their skills to the test. At the end of the year we once again relaunched a fresh new site and focused on bringing Trackmania to our site. So we developed some plugins and modules for Live Server Stats and Match Standings.

2017 started off with a hard match against ANE which was an unfortunate loss but a lot of fun. We also welcomed several new members to the team and went on to play our first ZrT match. Win!

Our map builders are pushing their creativity to the max and releasing some amazing maps and we are, for the first, merging with ANE and entering the ESL competition. It will be a lot of fun and interesting to see how far we get.

At the time of writing, Mouse is our greatest ever player.